TTR Products

FOILSUR, through its TTR division, is a company specialized in cutting, rewinding and distribution of TTR heat transfer tapes.

Our thermal transfer ribbons come from the world’s leading producers and we convert and market them through distributors and end customers.

What we offer?

  • Personalized attention through relationships with our clients.
  • Flexibility always adapting to the needs of the client and the market conditions.
  • Competitiveness in the products we offer and delivery times.
  • Product customization regarding the brand, beginning and end of the coil, cone, labeling and packaging.

We have thermal ribbon for the majority of thermal printers on the market, both in flat head technology and near-edge or vertex.

Our range of products covers the necessary requirements in terms of specifications, benefits, certifications and adaptability to different printers.

These are based on the following compositions:

  • Wax.
  • Mixed.
  • Near Edge.
  • Resins.
  • Textile Resin.



We can supply heat transfer tapes for all kinds of applications from the simplest to the most demanding:


Labels both for the identification and traceability of goods in warehouses, transport or shop shelves. Sector fully covered with our wax, mixed and resin ribbons adapted to each printer.


For all types of textile labels on nylon, polyamide or polyester, we recommend our series of textile resins to resist both domestic and industrial washing. As well as more specialized and aggressive treatments such as dry cleaning, Stone wash, tinting or use of bleaches.
OeKo Tex certified products suitable for contact with human skin.

Flexible packaging

In the packaging process that uses flexible packaging (PP, PET) used in food, health products, small-format packaging … high-speed processes are required for the printing of dates, weight, batch number, barcodes, etc. , which must be printed directly on film and in the same production or packaging line through TTO equipment.
We respond effectively to the highest demands in terms of printing speed, definition and durability with our mixed Near Edge ribbons and special high speed resins.


Different qualities with ISEGA certification or with a migration test carried out for use in labeling or marking on food packaging. We have references suitable for the temperature and humidity conditions that these products require for storage before consumption. Suitable for printing on both paper and synthetic film.